A morning at the Northern Racing College

I had a trip next door to the Northern Racing College yesterday. It’s unbelievable how big the site is, definitely a must see, especially for you animal lovers!

I had a great tour round and had the pleasure to see the students riding out on Parents Day. The NRC offer a 12 week foundation course where students with various experience can learn the basics of racing. The course involves learning many skills such as: yard duties, caring for the horses, riding out and attending lectures to gain their key skills qualification. The racing industry is massive therefore choosing to do something like this can open a whole load of career opportunities; you don’t just have to be a jockey! The college is a very busy place however, and being one of only two in the country, competition for places get fierce. The course runs all year round and continues even through the holidays.

The site is also used by Doncaster College for the Small Animal Care Course. It’s hard to believe how many animals are kept here, from donkeys, to bearded dragons, rats, snakes and rabbits. They have everything. Even pigs! It’s wonderful that so many people get involved with this, and for the past two years, the course has really taken off.

Riding for the Disabled (RDA) also keep a number of horses here to give other children the opportunities to take part in a wonderful sport. I’m hoping to have another trip to see what amazing work they do.

A huge thank you to Sarah for showing me around, keep up the good work!



Go to the Northern Racing College website to find out more.


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