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Dog or Horse?

Punch There has been some confusion as years have gone by, as to who this gravestone belongs to. Some research has been done into the Rossington Hall history, although there is very little information about Punch. We always assumed that Punch would be the owners dog. Looking at the date on the gravestone (1873), he could have […]


Wow, take a look at that! We have grand designs for every room in the hall but just take a look at this… This photograph at the minute is up in our office, but before we know it, the work will begin again renovating what will be the Function Room. This looks like something out of a movie, […]

Looking through the history…

1920’s Rossington Hall A kind donation from Mr Stanley Marshall was a very old photo album he found in his posession from a previous wardrobe he had bought from a 1920’s auction. Some fantastic photos of Rossington and the local community, also two photos of Rossington Hall. Besides this was a write up involving the previous owners, James […]

What’s happening today?

What’s happening today?

This week has gone by far too fast, but its business as usual here at the hall! The diggers are still here preparing and flattening the land ready for it to be at some point grassed. Its a lengthy process especially working on something as vast as our project, but i’m sure you are noticing the weekly changes. […]

Doncaster Free Press Write Up

Our open day seems a very long time ago now but for either those who couldn’t make it, or for those who loved it anyway, here is the Doncaster Free Press article. We received great feedback from the day and thank the paper kindly for visiting and publishing a very positive article. Click below to enlarge the image. Courtesy […]

Sunken Garden

One of the main focuses with the restoration project so far has been the Italian Sunken Garden. When Gary and Michelle bought the hall a few months back, the entire garden was covered in overgrown trees and weeds which made the formation of the land difficult to see. Over the summer we have been working hard to clear away […]

The Library

We’ve been testing out our new video camera! Here’s how we’ve been getting on restoring the Library…   [youtube][/youtube]  

Haunted Hall!

So we’ve been having a dig around at the history and luckily ‘nothing’ has come out of the wood work as yet. The attic door closed itself rather quickly when I went up though!! Some people think its Annie up there, the obvious link being with Annette Streatfield who died shortly after her father in […]

The Dining Room Experience

The Dining Room Experience

I’m sure by now you’ve all seen the stunning end product of the Dining Room. What we have achieved with this room really sets the standard for the rest of the renovation, and we are already taking bookings to have the ’Dining Room Experience’. Below is a link to the proposed menu for this exquisite […]