Haunted Hall!

So we’ve been having a dig around at the history and luckily
‘nothing’ has come out of the wood work as yet. The attic door closed itself rather
quickly when I went up though!!

Some people think its Annie up there, the obvious link being
with Annette Streatfield who died shortly after her father in the late 1930’s.
The famous picture taken of the girl on the staircase is said to be Annie,
although some people suggest it is in fact Annette who took the photo,
therefore there must be somebody else about!! Who knows?

I have had some very interesting visitors over the past two
weeks, and most of them have had some spooky stories to tell. One was told by
Mr and Mrs Geeson, a couple which met and worked at the hall back when it was a
school. On one occasion, Mrs Geeson walked into a flat within the hall, to find
an unexpected ‘visitor’. As she stared over at the man sat in the armchair wearing
a tartan dressing gown, he looked as normal as you and I. It was only when he
faded into the chair that Mrs Geeson had the shock of a life time! It seems
that this gentleman has been seen a few times by different people working at
the hall, we’ve yet to have the pleasure of meeting him.

Mr Geeson also spoke about a time when the heavy double
doors on the first floor violently swung open, followed by every door into the
bedrooms. Yet nobody entered or left the rooms?? The episode finished by the
double doors on the opposite side of the hall, opening and closing too. Every
hair on the dogs back stood on end as they ran to another part of the hall. Scary
stuff ehh?

Why don’t you share some of your ghost stories with us too?
You might even know some more about the hall!

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