Our new electrician fits right in!

As you can see from this photograph, the hall is quite messy at this moment in time, with lots of work going on around the staircase entrance. Here is our new electrician, Martin, fitting right in with the team!

Martin Wright pulling up wires at Rossington Hall


A double door was knocked out last week, the floorboards are up and more drilling is going on outside. No peace and quiet for us in the office! But noise is progress and we are definitely moving forward, the decorator is due in next week to finish two more rooms. The Library bookcase is still a working progress but fingers crossed, that will be ready for next week too.

It’s getting colder over here, lots of heaters in the office now. So far though, its looking like we are going to have a productive week.

Keep checking back to see how things are going, or check us out on facebook on Rossington Hall.


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