Riding for the Disabled Association

Yesterday I had a wonderful trip to the Riding for the Disabled which is on the same site as Rossington Hall. There are over 500 self funding groups throughout the UK which aim to give people with physical or learning disabilities. the opportunity of horse riding.

The RDA relies solely on volunteers to provide their help with lessons, fund raising and administration. Some volunteers take part to help make a difference in their spare time, others because they enjoy working with horses, whatever the reason, the RDA needs you! This great charity helps over 200 riders per month which can have huge benefits for the individual, helping improve co-ordination, balance, posture and confidence.

A lot of people fail to realise the amazing work this charity does. They too have had many thefts and break ins with mindless criminals taking what they have all worked so very hard for! Funding is very limited but the facilities are truly impeccable with access to an indoor riding school for those colder months.

Why not have a browse on their website and see exactly what they have to offer www.riding-for-disabled.org.uk. You may find a way you could get involved and help this charity change more lives!

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