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The Conservatory

Here’s a picture of the Conservatory after the weekend… Over the weekend we had a Sandblasting company in to remove all of the nasty white paint to leave this beautiful brick finish. The mess was UNBELIEVABLE but its now been cleaned up and is ready for more work in the near future. The roof still needs to […]

Another finding!

Another finding!

Wallpaper in the Entrance Hall Work has began in the Entrance Hall and we have a new finding! This wallpaper has been discovered under the one we have on at the minute. We don’t know if it is original but our interior designer definitely thinks it is before the 50’s. Does anybody remember it?   […]

Aerial View of Rossington Hall

Take a look at this!   This photo was probably taken around the 50’s as you can see the flat buildings between the hall and the Victorian Stables. These were built for the school to give more room for classrooms and teaching areas. Inside, the style of the new building is very different to the […]

Stage 1 of the Restoration

Take a look at the hall and what we have been up to so far with the restoration. As you can see there’s still a lot to do, but we are cracking on. The weather has been perfect this week for all the garden work, so fingers crossed it will stay good! [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfIMUK8idY8[/youtube]   KEEP WATCHING!

Dog or Horse?

Punch There has been some confusion as years have gone by, as to who this gravestone belongs to. Some research has been done into the Rossington Hall history, although there is very little information about Punch. We always assumed that Punch would be the owners dog. Looking at the date on the gravestone (1873), he could have […]


Wow, take a look at that! We have grand designs for every room in the hall but just take a look at this… This photograph at the minute is up in our office, but before we know it, the work will begin again renovating what will be the Function Room. This looks like something out of a movie, […]

Looking through the history…

1920’s Rossington Hall A kind donation from Mr Stanley Marshall was a very old photo album he found in his posession from a previous wardrobe he had bought from a 1920’s auction. Some fantastic photos of Rossington and the local community, also two photos of Rossington Hall. Besides this was a write up involving the previous owners, James […]